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HUDU’s Doer Support and Benefit Fund

While it’s always free to list projects and make bids, HUDU collects fees from both the Lister and the Doer for every project that is awarded. These fees go directly into our Doer Support and Benefits Fund which enables us to continually improve HUDU’s ecosystem of Doers.

Doer Benefits

HUDU is proud to offer Doers 2 weeks of paid vacation every year! Our Paid Vacation Program allows Doers to take some time to rest without sacrificing income. Additionally, HUDU offers microinsurance options for health, accidents, and equipment. HUDU also maintains Emergency Funds to provide support for our Doers through unforeseen circumstances such as health crises and natural disasters that affect their ability to work.

Doer Support Services

Our users’ experience is top of mind with everything we do at HUDU. Enhancing our customer service infrastructure allows us to provide prompt and comprehensive assistance to Doers when they need it. We make sure we have the resources to manage fair and transparent processes for resolving disputes between Doers and Listers.

Lister Acquisition

HUDU’s Doers rely on Listers to bring them money-making opportunities. HUDU’s Doer Support and Benefits Fund contributes in part to advertising campaigns and promotions that bring the highest-quality Listers onto the platform. HUDU also invests in partnerships with other companies to bring exclusive projects and offers to our Doers.

Ecosystem Development

Enhancing our ecosystem of Doers means continuously improving the platform’s technology for better usability, security, and availability. We’re taking initiatives to foster a developmental community among Doers, including forums, tailored education, and networking opportunities. HUDU Academy and supplemental training resources are a few ways HUDU works to grow our Doers’ skills and expand their opportunities.

Technology and Innovation

HUDU invests in new technology, including AI and secure blockchain, to streamline operations and introduce cutting-edge features. We prioritize eco-friendly practices within the platform to make the most positive impact possible on all of the communities we support.

Feedback implementation

As a young company, we learn so much from our users. Any time we make improvements to the platform, we are working in response to feedback from our Doers to ensure our evolution aligns with their needs.

Community Impact

Supporting Doers means supporting their local economies. HUDU is founded to bolster community success by promoting local Doers to local Listers.

Keeping the Doers Happy

HUDU’s Doer Support & Benefit Fund is a testament to our commitment to Doers. By investing our fees directly back into the community, we ensure our platform’s success. We are dedicated to enriching individual experience as well as resetting the standard of care for the larger gig economy.

What else can we do?

Are you a HUDU Doer? We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions about how our Doer Support and Benefit fund can be used to improve your sense of agency and ownership within our growing ecosystem!

Get in touch with us by submitting a contact form!

HUDU Support

Want to know more about HUDU’s Doer Support and Benefit Fund? Submit a support ticket to get in touch with our Support Team!

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Updated on February 29, 2024

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