What is HUDU?

Are you looking for ways to make extra money or outsource your to-do list? The HUDU community is made up of Listers and Doers. Listers have tasks and projects to be completed, and Doers have the skills and resources to get projects done!

How we DO it

The HUDU app allows Listers to post jobs and Doers to bid on those jobs. Centralizing the market means everyone spends less time searching for the right people to work with and more time getting things done.

It provides tools and resources to facilitate communication and collaboration, and has a verification process and peer review system to ensure that users can trust each other.

Why We DO it

HUDU is leading the gig-work revolution by putting power in the pockets of Doers. We believe it should be easy for skilled workers to make money, and we provide a platform for community members to connect and get the expert help they need!

Start Getting Things Done!

HUDU is what you make it! Learn how to become a Lister or Doer and start using HUDU to make things easier.

HUDU Support

Want to know more? Submit a support ticket to get in touch with our Support Team!

Thanks for using HUDU!

Updated on March 21, 2024

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