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Project Completion Rates on HUDU

HUDU’s project completion rates compare how many of a user’s awarded projects become completed projects.

Why is my project completion rate low?

A low project completion rate indicates that a user has canceled one or more awarded projects. Cancelations happen because of difficulties in scheduling, communication, unpreparedness, or other factors. It is important to communicate before awarding the project to prevent cancelations.

Do both parties get penalized?

No. After a cancelation, both users will assign attribution to determine whether the lister, doer, both, or neither will have their completion scores affected.

Should I award someone with a low project completion rate?

When projects are highly specialized or have time constraints, it’s a good idea to choose a Doer with a high completion rate; however, there are several factors to consider when choosing a Doer. When projects are more flexible, feel free to prioritize ratings, reviews, bid amount, bid description, and availability. Make sure to communicate with the Doer ahead of time to make sure they have the skills and materials necessary to complete the project.

If a Doer doesn’t work out, Lister can cancel the assignment and award the project to another Doer. For more information about canceling a project, read Cancel a Doer on HUDU: No-Show and Unresponsive Doers.

How do I improve my project completion rate on HUDU?

To raise your project completion rate, you’ll need to complete projects. Everyone can see your completion rate, so a low rate can make it difficult to win projects or get bids. Winning projects may require you to bid lower, include a more detailed bid description, or initiate communication with listers via the chat feature to assure them you are reliable.

If your project completion rate is not accurate, please submit a support ticket to contest your rating with our Support Team!

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More questions about project completion rates on HUDU? Submit a support ticket to get in touch with our Support Team!

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Updated on February 1, 2024

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