Is HUDU Gig Work?

Even as the gig economy booms, there’s nothing easy about making money as a gig worker – until now! Help us change the way the world works by trying HUDU’s unique approach to gig work.

What’s HUDU’s solution to gig work?

It should be easy to make money! HUDU’s solution is to provide a streamlined platform for hardworking Doers to earn extra income and access to life-changing benefits! We’re leading the gig-work revolution by being the Doer-friendliest app in the world.

What does revolutionizing gig work look like?

2023 data shows that 16.4% of Americans work a side-hustle, making up 5.7% of the national GDP. This $350 billion market segment is not always optimized to benefit users AND workers, and that’s why HUDU is Changing the Way the World Works!

By 2027, it’s expected that 1 in 2 Americans will be working a side-hustle. In 5 years, this trillion dollar industry will make up roughly 17% of national GDP, and workers will need options that empower them to Live Well and Dream Big!

Is HUDU a Middleman?

As a platform that facilitates gig work, HUDU tries to stay out of the way and let our Doers do what they DO best. We exist to foster a strong community that connects trusted experts with people who need their help. By ensuring secure payment, centralizing reviews, and connecting people, HUDU’s platform offers the ideal environment to make money and get things DONE!

What percent does HUDU keep?

We wish we didn’t have to charge a fee, but delivering 100% user satisfaction means HUDU works with the most highly skilled development, user experience, and financial services teams. HUDU’s fees go into our Doer Support and Benefit Fund. Collecting 5% from Listers and 15% from Doers allows us to keep our loyal users happy with their experience on the app!

We’ve found that Listers pay less and Doers make more on HUDU than traditional gig work avenues.

Learn more about our Fee Structure.

HUDU Support

Want to change the way the world works? Submit a support ticket to get in touch with our Support Team!

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Updated on March 21, 2024

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