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Paid Vacation on HUDU

HUDU is changing the way the world works. Unlike the conventional gig economy, HUDU supports Doers by providing benefits akin to those in traditional employment. Paid vacation is one way we help independent workers live comfortably.

How to Earn Paid Vacation on HUDU

Doers who complete at least one project per week for 25 consecutive weeks qualify for paid vacation.

On the 26th week, qualifying Doers receive a payout equal to their average weekly earnings from the previous 25 weeks. This approach ensures that the vacation pay is reflective of their usual income, maintaining financial stability during their time off.

Why Does HUDU Offer Paid Vacation?

HUDU’s Doers are motivated, independent, and hard-working – that’s why we love them! To help our Doers do their best work and live their best lives, we are committed to supporting a healthy work-life balance that is not afforded to traditional gig-workers.

How do I Complete Projects Every Week?

To earn paid vacation, Doers need to win and complete projects. With new projects posted daily, there are never-ending opportunities for Doers to earn money. Check out our knowledge base to learn more about how to stand out as a Doer and win more projects!

HUDU Support

Want to know more about HUDU’s paid vacation for Doers? Submit a support ticket to get in touch with our Team!

Thanks for using HUDU!

Updated on February 5, 2024

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