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Win Projects on HUDU: How to Stand Out as a Doer

Listers don’t award bids based on price alone. Standing out against other bidders can help you win projects on HUDU. Doers who want to land more projects should keep some factors in mind to stand out!

Tips for Doers to Win Projects on HUDU

  • Carefully review our Guidelines and Expectations to avoid canceled projects or unsatisfied Listers
  • Complete projects to a high standard and ensure customer satisfaction
    • Excellent ratings and reviews will help you win more projects
  • Offer competitive prices for your services
  • Respond promptly to project requests
    • Listers will often ask preliminary questions to decide between Doers, so pay attention to active listings and offer quick, thoughtful responses
  • Build a portfolio of your work and skills to showcase your abilities
  • Keep your profile updated and professional, including a clear and concise description of your services and experience

Why Wasn’t I Awarded a Project?

HUDU’s Listers award projects based on various factors. They may prefer to award a Doer they’ve worked with before, or maybe someone with immediate availability or relevant experience.

To have the best chance at winning projects on HUDU, check in regularly to find projects that fit your skills, and communicate with the Listers to find out what exactly they’re expecting from a Doer.

HUDU Support

Want to know more about winning projects on HUDU? Submit a support ticket to get in touch with our SupportTeam!

Thanks for using HUDU!

Updated on March 21, 2024

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