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Why Does HUDU Charge Upfront for the Project?

HUDU charges for the project upfront to protect both Doers and Listers.

HUDU collects payment from the Lister as soon as the project is awarded, then releases it to the Doer when the project is marked as complete and the work is approved by the Lister.

The price of the service changed

HUDU users are not allowed to change the awarded price of a project.

One option is to list and award the added work through a new project in HUDU. This ensures both parties are protected.

What if I need to cancel the project?

Although HUDU does not have cancellation fees, our community relies on Doers and Listers to follow through on their agreements. An unexpected cancellation can negatively impact other users and lead to a decreased Project Completion Rate or even temporary account suspension.

If a project needs to be canceled by either the Lister or Doer, a HUDU administrator will issue a refund. Open a support ticket and include all the project information so we can restore your funds as quickly as possible.

Can I pay an hourly rate?

HUDU does not support hourly rates. Our Doers charge for their work, not their time. When a Doer submits a bid, they are offering a price to complete the entire project. These all-in-one prices help Listers compare bids and ensure the project cost before awarding a bid.

Can I tip when the project is done?

HUDU does not support tipping. Like above, when a Doer submits a bid, they are offering a price to complete the entire project. Eliminating hidden fees and additional burdens on the Lister means our community operates with near-perfect financial transparency. Users are ensured they will pay or be paid the agreed-upon amount

HUDU Support

Want to know more about why HUDU charges upfront? Open a support ticket to get in touch with our Support Team!

Thanks for using HUDU!

Updated on March 21, 2024

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