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Delete a Project on HUDU

It’s easy to delete a project listing on HUDU! Simply go to the Projects tab, find your listing, and swipe left!

Delete a Project on HUDU

  • Open the Projects tab on the HUDU app
  • Find your listing and swipe left to delete it

I already awarded a bidder

If a project has already been awarded to a Doer, you’ll need to unassign your Doer before canceling the project.

Keep in mind that Doers strive to maintain the highest possible project completion rate. Before you delete a project on HUDU, communicate with your Doer to explain the situation or try to find a resolution.

Don’t forget that Doers have the opportunity to rate and review their Lister after a project. Make sure to communicate as thoroughly as possible to ensure a positive review of your profile.

HUDU Support

Need more help deleting a project? Submit a support ticket to get in touch with our Support Team!

Thanks for using HUDU!

Updated on February 1, 2024

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