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Who Runs HUDU?

Who runs HUDU? We’ve got a team of highly skilled and very motivated people building HUDU!

Derreck Stratton - HUDU's Founder and CEO

Derreck Stratton

Founder and Chief Executive DO-er

Eric Plunkett - HUDU COO

Eric Plunkett

Chief Operations Officer

Mike Kentfield - HUDU CFO

Mike Kentfield

Chief Financial Officer

Scott Siepker - CBO

Scott Siepker

Chief Branding Officer

Brett Westrum - CMO

Brett Westrum

Chief Marketing Officer

Lindy Trout Turnis - Director of User Experience

Lindy Trout Turnis

Director of User Experience

Join the Team that’s Changing the Way the World Works!

Want to help HUDU lead the gig work revolution? Become a Doer, Lister, or Investor, or send a message to info@heyhudu.com to learn more about joining HUDU’s team!

Updated on March 21, 2024

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